Happytalk from Previous Clients

“It’s really a lovely painting and an excellent likeness. I’m so flattered to have it….it’s a magnificent gift.”

Eric M.

Proud Spouse

“OMG this is amazing and so special!”


Excited Puppymom

“You did such a wonderful job of capturing his mischievous expression. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to get it framed and hang it!!”

Alice VB

Happy Horsemom

“You’ve outdone yourself!! You cut and pasted to create a picture that never happened!! Luke absolutely Loved it!! Thank You from the bottom of my heart!! You are an Amazing artist!! I was dying to show him, but made myself wait for Christmas!! We are both in Awe over it! We can’t wait to use it for next year’s holiday cards!”

Andrea W-D

Happy Holiday Card Sender

“You are the best – we got your lovely painting today! It is perfect! Thanks so much. <3″

“I still just don’t have words about how awesome this is and how wonderful Lori is”

Karen and Denis P.

Loving Furparents

“I think you captured her expression perfectly. It is 100% her. She loves it!!! She looked close to tears. Much happiness! It’s a treasure!!”

Carolyn H.

Proud Mother

“In addition to doing amazing work and really capturing the personality of our pup, Lori was incredibly easy to work with and responsive. We even got “work in progress” photos along the way. Highly recommend!”

Myra S.

Proud Pup Parent

“Thanks for your hard work in making these prints into a set. They came out great and blend beautifully with the rest of the room’s decor.  Your prints have taken their place among all your other wonderful works that are decorating our new home.  Thanks again.”

Sue S.

Proud Mother

“I love it Lori, I think the sign in the background is such a tribute. She was so proud when the town installed that sign. It certainly memorializes the entire portrait.”

“You captured the true essence of my Mom, she was happiest at work at Rosies Corner. It is spectacular ! Thank you so much, Lori!”

Deb H.

Proud Daughter

“It’s amazing!”

“That was M’s reaction when she saw her painting.  It really is.  I like looking at it from different distances.  From farther away, I admire the light coming from above / behind her.

Thank you so much, Lori.  It just warms me every time I look at the painting.  Wow.”

Mark L.

Incandescent Daddy

“I am stunned. It looks just like him. Just incredible work. My daughter saw it and kept saying, ‘Mom! Mom! Mom!’. It’s perfect. ”

Karen M.

Satisfied Mom

“I realized that the shameful thing about my boardgame shelf of shame wasn’t that I hadn’t played any of them, but that it didn’t have a cat of holding picture hanging next to it.”


Relieved Gamer

“Thank youuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!! Now I gotta find a cool frame. SO COOL. Ahh it’s awesome!! I am 100% sure it will be our favorite thing in the house.”

Michelle G.

Proud Spouse

“This! A portrait of our beloved Zeke lovingly crafted and perfected by Lori. The likeness helps us miss him just a bit less. Thank you Lori for keeping our boy alive.”

Stefanie R.

Excited FurMommy

“I love how both portraits capture my children’s very self in a way I think no other picture of them has done nearly as completely.

“This is PT at age three, but it is also him as a baby, and who he is now when he is five, and who he will be. The eyes especially, but all of it really, feel like you can see directly into the essence of who he is in a timeless way. This is my most treasured image of PT, and I would recommend Lori’s work to absolutely anyone looking for a portrait of someone dear to them. Her work is amazing!”

Anne P.

Adoring Mommy

“It really is incredible. You have truly captured his black little soul. <3″

Lynda D.

Adoring Familiar

“Watching you work is so much fun. I promise when we reorganize that I’ll get a mat and a larger frame, but it looks awfully good already: David loves it!”

Amy and David C.

Mommy and Wee One

“It’s wonderful!”

Amy C.

Excited Mommy

“This portrait looks stunning on our dining room wall with black and white photographs of Roo’s grandmothers! The spread is elegant and the drawing truly pops with life, so much more than any photograph can. The loving attention of the artist means every stroke of the pencil adds to the emotional depth of the piece, and captures the unique expression we loved to see on our child’s face at that age.

Lori is easy to work with. She communicates clearly at all times and delivers exactly what she says when she says she will.”


Extended Family Member

‘It went amazingly well! She loves it so much. It’s a masterpiece and you for sure created something my Mom will cherish for the rest of her days.
It brought lots of tears but she’s so grateful for this to treasure for ever. Andrew is a great guy and he said it was a pleasure to meet you. We all can’t thank you enough.’
Emily S.

Loving Sister

To receive this painting of my eldest sons as babies, as they are now young men of 18 and 16 is a nostalgic treasure. Their expressions, their essences shine forth from the canvas and reminds me of simpler times, before girlfriends, driver’s licenses and FAFSA forms.
Melanie M-Z

Proud Mama

“You made my face leak! It is fantastic looks amazing and great thorough wrapping!”

September F.

Loving Furmum

“Hi Lori,

Many thanks for creating your beautiful portrait of Diane and Richard. Diane is amazed at how well you captured Richard’s personality. Even Leonardo could not have created such a meaningful piece of work! – Cheers, Richard”


“Lori,  The painting looks great. The picture is hung in my living room. My son and a friend love it and they had to hang it right away”. – Diane

Diane M and Richard S

Jubilant Family Members

“Lori, What at fabulous job. Thank you for your hard efforts. You raised a great deal of money for the food pantry. Stay safe and thanks again.”

Janet R.

Director of Community Relations, Wakefield Food Pantry

“We couldn’t be more excited. Your painting is beautiful we love it so much. Thank you again.”

Katherine K-M

Excited Mommy

I’d like to extend a very big thank you to Lori Del Genis for the amazing work she put into painting my Dad, Al Conti’s portrait. She always updated me on the progress and put tireless detail into its rendering over many months. You’re very talented Lori! It came out PERFECT.

I’m so pleased and grateful that he has been honored in such a meaningful way.

Roseann C.

Overjoyed Daughter

“This is totally how I see myself, even when buying cat litter at the grocery store while wearing pajamas.”

Lynda D.

Proud Model

“Oh my goodness, the painting is just spectacular. Happiest happy mail dance down here! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. <3″

Mia P.

Adoring Mommy

“I recd the painting and just unveiled your absolutely incredible masterpiece!!!! Oh wow oh wow oh wow!! Chills all over. At a loss for words!!

Fate would have it that my little darling’s 11th birthday is this Friday, and this will be our gift to her.

Oh Lori! Tears!

Thank you from every part of my heart and soul!.”

Angela J.

Excited Mommy

“That is breathtaking! I literally gasped! It really captures her frisky spirit!”

Mare F.

Joyous Roomate

“I love it! Thank you so much! It looks so much like her. Omg it’s amazing! She’s so cute
I can’t wait to give it to him!”

Lindsey P.

Happy Newlywed

“Thank you Lori Del Genis@afinelikeness. I could not love her more and once framed, she will hang in a special place in my home to bring joy and inspire strength.”

Mia P-H.

Empowered Art Lover

OMGOSH!! I cried when I saw her, she is beautiful. Cheyanne loves it too. Thank you just isn’t enough to say how grateful I am.
I love that you included the step by step too.
I have fallen more in love with this!! Thank you and your amazing talent!”

Heather S.

Proud Mommy

“Lori created a masterpiece depicting the previous library director. This painting will be on display in the library indefinitely, for any and all residents and visitors to enjoy!”

Nicole Langley

Director, Stoneham Library

“Lori was a joy to work with and the results are spectacular. She was very responsive to our requests and creative in her solutions to any obstacles.

The portrait of our daughter sleeping captures a very precious moment with incredible specificity–I can feel the texture of her hair and sense the warmth of her dreaming body whenever I look at this amazing drawing.

I was also very impressed that Lori was able to take good faces from separate photos to create an original portrait of the two of us, that really captures the closeness between us.

We are so glad to have these beautiful portraits of our daughter to treasure long after she’s grown.”

Elizabeth H.

Delighted Mommy

“Super excited to have this in our little house ♥️♥️♥️♥️ Thank you so much!!!!!”

Talis T.

New Mommy

“Lori’s portrait of our son is absolutely fantastic. It brilliantly captures his affectionate, goofy, mischievous nature, and fills me with delight every time I look at it.”

Charles O.

Overjoyed Dad


From our baby beginnings, we love to look at faces. What we see can comfort and inspire us.

My art sets out to capture the emotions and expressions of faces we love, especially faces that are no longer with us, or furry friends that make us smile. I want to offer a Presence, so that people may always feel the love in sight of their portrait.



My studio is located in Stoneham, Massachusetts

Email: AFineLikeness at gmail dot com

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