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For the furry faces we love

'Henry', commissioned oil painting of a grey and white cat by Lori Del Genis
'Bella' is an oil painting of a chocolate lab commissioned as a donation to the Wakefield Food Pantry. (Lori Del Genis, 2021)
'A Dog and His Boy' oil portrait commission of a large black poodle and his beloved master. (Lori Del Genis, 2020)
Oil portrait by Lori Del Genis of Zeke, a tawny dog with big brown eyes and laying in a bed.
'Sadie and Aiko' commissioned oil portrait of a smiling young girl with a black cat by Lori Del Genis (2020)
'Pumpkin' is an oil portrait of a calico cat looking up at her person; art painted by Lori Del Genis
'Sandy' memorial oil portrait commission of a beloved dog and the cat she adopted. (Lori Del Genis, 2021)
'Minnie' commissioned oil portrait of a black kitten with green eyes by Lori Del Genis (2020)
'Ami-' Pet painting of a well-groomed cute Yorkie wearing a blue bow-tie and lying on a red towel. (Lori Del Genis, 2019).
'A Call to Arms' Wall art of five dire wolf pups in the woods. An axe and shield lean against a log. (Lori Del Genis, 2019)
'Frog' is an original oil portrait of a handsome chestnut horse with a brown leather bridle. (Lori Del Genis, 2021)
'Robin's Love' oil portrait commission of a bright-eyed English house sparrow. (Lori Del Genis, 2021)
Sebastian commissioned oil portrait of a hairless sphinx cat with brown markings (Lori Del Genis, 2020)
Wishbone is charcoal holiday pet commission of an adorable black and white spaniel by Lori Del Genis
'Stjarni' - Soft pastel portrait by Lori Del Genis of a light brown colored icelandic pony. Stjarni is standing in front of a barn door and looking at the viewer.

“You did such a wonderful job of capturing his mischievous expression. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to get it framed and hang it!!”

Alice VB

Happy Horsemom


From our baby beginnings, we love to look at faces. What we see can comfort and inspire us.

My art sets out to capture the emotions and expressions of faces we love, especially faces that are no longer with us, or furry friends that make us smile. I want to offer a Presence, so that people may always feel the love in sight of their portrait.



My studio is located in Stoneham, Massachusetts.

Email: afinelikeness at gmail dot com

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