Oil portrait by Lori Del Genis of Zeke, a tawny dog with big brown eyes and laying in a bed.

Animals and Pets

Furry faces we adore

Mastercopies and Larks

Original art Inspired by Great Masters and folklore
Lisa T. is an oil portrait of a smiling woman standing by a sunlit window by Lori Del Genis (2018)

The People's Gallery

Images of loved ones far and near

Wee Ones

Portraits of littles and tinies

“Omgosh, it’s gorgeous! You did an outstanding job. I can’t thank you enough.”

Stefanie R.

Excited Furmom


From our baby beginnings, we love to look at faces. What we see can comfort and inspire us.

My art sets out to capture the emotions and expressions of faces we love, especially faces that are no longer with us, or furry friends that make us smile. I want to offer a Presence, so that people may always feel the love in sight of their portrait.


Our studio is located in Stoneham, Massachusetts.


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