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Why I Do What I Do

Image is of Lori Del Genis sitting excitedly below a display of her art at a recent Art Show

About the Artist

Hi. I’m Lori. Like many kids, I loved to draw. Portraits were my favorite; they were like friends I could invite to visit anytime. I stopped drawing when I got older and went off to do other stuff. I did the other stuff. It was good work and it made the world a better place, but it never filled the space that drawing left. Twenty years after I’d put aside my pencils, I took them up again. And then I added paints. We all need our loved ones near us, even if they can’t be in the room. I knew I could make that happen.

This is what I do: I capture the spirit of a loved one and hold it there, in a Fine Likeness. Many family members aren’t human and they are just as important. I want to help people remember that Love is never far away.

I would be honored to do that for you.

~ Lori Del Genis


From our baby beginnings, we love to look at faces. What we see can comfort and inspire us.

My art sets out to capture the emotions and expressions of faces we love, especially faces that are no longer with us, or furry friends that make us smile. I want to offer a Presence, so that people may always feel the love in sight of their portrait.



My studio is located in Stoneham, Massachusetts.

Email: afinelikeness at gmail dot com

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